Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Keen Observation

I must admit that I am not exactly a Shmuley Boteach fan. It's not that I have anything against him, it's just a matter of style. That being said, let's give credit to the man where it is due. He wrote a great article in jpost today, with a keen observaton:
To make this point emphatically clear, let us reiterate that if there is one lesson that has been learned in five decades of Israeli concessions, it is that there is absolutely nothing that Israel can do to bring peace. Zero. Efes. Gornisht. Israel faces an implacable enemy that seeks not coexistence, but Israel's destruction. And through every Israeli concession, its hostility increases rather than declines.

Which leads to the following, self-evident conclusion. The only thing for Israel to do vis-a-vis‚ the Arabs, aside from militarily defending itself, is nothing.

Israel must hunker down and stall. It's the Arabs that have to change, not Israel. They have to democratize, fight their terrorists, curb state-sponsored anti-Semitism and cease teaching their children implacable hatred of the Jews.

That is the only thing that will bring peace.
Ehud Olmert, are you listening?

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Sultan Knish said...

the essential error of believing that israel can do something to bring peace is the fallacy of a belief that people are in control and can shape the world however they choose

to modern ways of thinking all people need to do to bring peace is sit down around a table and talk it out

on the other hand from a Torah perspective we recognize such things as esav soneh et yaakov and timche et zecher amalek, which says that it's not a matter of sitting down around a table but of drawing a line in the sand

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