Wednesday, July 19, 2006

What Are They Thinking in Tel Aviv?

Arutz 7 has an interesting photo essay on what the man-on-the-street in Tel Aviv thinks about the missile threat and whether their politics have shifted as a result. Check it out. Tel Avivians are very different from Jerusalemites. It's truly amazing how many people still support additional withdrawals, in spite of everything that has happened. But then again, the Torah says that we are a stiff-necked people.


Daniel Greenfield said...

just as with the jews in the midbar, if after all they've seen up till now they hold a particular position... what will it take to sway them

Cosmic X said...


I talked to a doctor last night, who mentioned that a lot of people from the North visited his Jerusalem clinic yesterday. These people left their homes and are now refuees in Jerusalem. The doctor mentioned that many were repentant with regards to their support of Oslo, the withdrawl from Lebanon and the disengagement.

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