Sunday, July 09, 2006

Yitzchak Rabin: There Will Be No Katyushas from Gaza

Arutz 7 has made available a recording of the late Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin ridiculing (in Hebrew) those who warned that rockets would be fired from Gaza. A blast from the past (no pun intended):
"The scare-stories of the Likud are well-known," Rabin said in 1995 in the above recording. "Why, they also promised us Katyushas from Gaza. It's already a year that the Gaza Strip is mostly under the control of the Palestinian Authority - and there wasn't a Katyusha and there won't be any..."
We are now paying the price of the Israeli Left's stupidity and hubris.


ifyouwillit... said...

They were either blinded by hope or stupidity.

Jason H. Elbaum said...

The hardcore left will respond that if Rabin were still around, there would be no Katyushas from Gaza! It's all Yigal Amir's fault.

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