Thursday, July 06, 2006

Now The Truth Can Be Told

Be sure to read this one from Ynetnews: Yaalon: Sharon planned pullout out of personal distress. Bogie just says what many of us here in Israel have said all along. Among his gems:
"There is no doubt that the disengagement failed. This failure emanates from the fact that the disengagement was essentially based on a doomed idea. It was not the result of thorough strategic analysis but the result of a political distress of his who was prime minister then, Ariel Sharon."
And this:
"The process created an illusionary hope that was not planned strategically and practically. The disengagement was mainly a media spin. Those who initiated it and lead it lacked the strategic, security, political and historical background. They were image counselor. They were spin doctors. These people put Israel in a virtual spin that is disconnected from reality using a media spin campaign which is imploding before our eyes."

Again, be sure to read the whole thing.

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