Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Lebanese Blogosphere Is Full Of Islamofascists

My stats told me that I'm getting a lot of hits from The Truth Laid Bear's "Crisis in the Middle East: Local Bloggers Report" page. There he provides links to posts from Israeli, Lebanese and "Palestinian" bloggers. Thanks Mr. Bear for all of the hits.

I checked out some Lebanese blogs and I was disappointed. Ya Islamofascists, why did you attack Israel? Did you have fun shouting "Udrub, udrub" and "Atbah Al Yahud"? Did you pass around candy in order to teach your children to be Islamofascists as well? Then they cry to the UN when we dare to fight back. A pathetic bunch indeed. Treppenwitz has their number.

An even more pathetic bunch are some of the Israelis that comment on such blogs, seeking a "dialogue". These guys don't know the difference between taqiyya and teqilla. They are ecstatic when the holy Arab agrees to answer them, even if the answer is the cliche, "I don't hate Jews, I hate Zionists." Bwa ha ha!

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