Thursday, July 20, 2006

Nasrallah's Rogues Murder Muslim Children in Nazareth

Hezbollah, Lebanon's "Enemies of God" political party and terrorist organization, had a real fashla yesterday. The katusha rockets that they fired into Israel in order to murder the Jewish infidels killed two Muslim children:
Two brothers, aged nine and three, were killed Wednesday in the northern city of Nazareth as Katyusha rockets fell in the downtown and suburban areas of the city.

The deaths mark the first time since the recent violence has begun that that the victims have been Israeli Arabs. It was the third Israeli-Arab population center to be hit by Katyusha rockets during this conflict, though, after Madjal-Krum and Tubas Zangarit.

Nazareth residents reported hearing blasts at around 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday evening as two rockets fell, one immediately after the other. The brothers, Muhammad and Rabiya Taluzi, were playing in the Bilaal neighborhood - located in the middle of a narrow steep road, with three-story buildings on either side - when a Katyusha fell, exploding next to them. They were killed immediately.

Eyewitnesses descried horrific scenes saying it was impossible to identify the bodies of the two children. Holes caused by metal pellets packed into the Katyusha dotted the wall of the adjacent buildings and the rocket left a crater in the road.
Ynetnews brings the words of Matans Taluzi, the brother of the murdered children:
“They were walking faster than me, running down the street. Suddenly I heard a blast and that’s it, they were dead. And then I was hurt a bit too and they took me to the hospital,” Matans told Ynet. Matans tried to hold back his tears. “My little brothers are shahids. That means they’re little kids who haven’t seen anything yet, so their place is in heaven,” he said.
It seems to me that Matans has a novel interpretation of the word "Shahid", which seems to be different than the way the term is described in Wikipedia.

Shahids or not, these children are dead, murdered by the hands of their co-religionists.

Update: Perhaps these comments from Nazareth residents explain why Matan Taluzi called his brothers shahids:
Some friend and relatives gathering to mourn the Taluzi boys said that even though the brothers were killed by a Hezbollah rocket, they should be added to the list of Lebanese casualties.

"The Israeli government is to blame for the incident," said a Nazareth resident near the house of mourning. "The Israeli aggression must stop."

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