Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Yes Orna, You Are To Blame

Orna Shimoni of the "Four Mothers" movement objects to those who blame the "Four Mothers" for the Al-Aksa Intifada and the present situation. You can read her article in Hebrew here, and be sure to see the talkbacks of outraged Israelis. You can read her article in English here.

The "Four Mothers" movement, which enjoyed the help of the Israeli MSM, undoubtedly helped to create the present situation. They pressured the Israeli government to withdraw from Lebanon, thus enabling the Hizbullah to move their rocket launchers and army right up to the border. One just has to take a look at their web site, to see the role that the Four Mothers played in sowing weakness in the hearts of the soldiers and the public with regards to the war against the Hizballah, Hamas, and Fatah terrorists. And here are a few quotes from Orna herself:
Mothers! We ourselves shall replace our sons and become the hostages of the Syrians and the Government of Israel in the outposts of Lebanon!

Mothers! There is no time left. Tomorrow another one will die(emphasis is mine - CX). I call out to the mothers whose sons have been called up during the latest tri-annual round of service in the Lebanon: support this message and join the action. We would like to take the place of our sons in the Lebanese outposts.

Our sons, who are defending only themselves (i.e., according to Orna, the security zone did not protect Northern Israel. - CX), are struck down in the trenches and in the strongpoints, just waiting for an agreement. We are no worse than they in defending ourselves in a trench or in an outpost, and much better than they as hostages of the Syrians and the Government of Israel, until they reach an agreement.
People like Orna Shimoni, apparently do not understand that we are dealing with an implacable enemy, an enemy that receives only encouragement from our restraint. Israel has become a country where Jewish communities are uprooted because they "hard to defend", where the civilians serve as cannon fodder to protect the soldiers, thanks to people like Orna Shimoni and her friends in the Israeli MSM.

The withdrawal from Lebanon is an everlasting stain on the state of Israel, in that it was a display of weakness in the face of our enemies, and and act of treachery in the face of our allies. Does anyone remember the South Lebanese Army that we betrayed so shamefully? Yes Orna, you are to blame, but you are not alone.

Update: Read this article by Moshe Arens, They Fell Asleep at the Wheel.

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