Monday, May 31, 2010

Leftist and Muslim Terrorists Under the Guise of "Peace Activists" Attack Israeli Soldiers

What a bunch of hypocritical lowlifes!

Some links:

Navy Prepared to Face Anarchists, Met Terrorists Instead

The Day In Israel: Monday May 31st, 2010

Anti-Shalit Flotilla Updates

A brutal ambush at sea:
It appears that the error in planning the operation was the estimate that passengers were indeed political activists and members of humanitarian groups who seek a political provocation, but would not resort to brutal violence.

Commando soldier: 'It looked like the Ramallah lynch"

Ehud Barak should resign. No Israeli lives should have been risked in order to transfer the "aid" to Gaza. Those that attempted to break the blockade should have been sent directly to their final destination, namely hell.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Save Yourself from the Singles Swamp

I just saw this really great blog post by Baruch Gordon on Arutz 7. He describes something very similar to what I went through:
In 1983 when I started going out on shidduchim [blind dates pre-arranged by a matchmaker], Rabbi Shlomo Aviner of Bet El published a book called Pirkei Ahava on dating and marriage. In the first few pages, he lays down a principle that changed my attitude towards shidduchim to the point that, coincidentally or not, I married the next girl that I dated.
I myself started a couple of years later, and did not find my wife so fast. However, Rabbi Aviner's advice was very helpful to me:
Rav Aviner explains that a person must approach the shidduch with emunah [faith]! He must have faith that if G-d has made this shidduch materialize, and

1. the girl is suitable, and
2. the girl has positive traits which are congruent with his aspirations and spiritual level and
3. there is some level of attraction,

then he should believe that this is the girl that G-d has designated for him.
Read the rest of his blog for an elaboration on the subject.

Personally, it breaks my heart to see bachelors and bachelorettes that have met many suitable men/women but just lack the faith and courage to take the plunge.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Something to Think About

At this time I do not believe that I can rise to higher levels of holiness or fulfill my mitzvot bein adam l'Makom and bein adam l'chavero to my utmost ability with a computer in my house, so I'm going to try my best to do teshuva for this and make a fresh start.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Feiglin to Announce He is Leaving Likud

That's the headline from Israel National News:
Moshe Feiglin, head of the Manhigut Yehudit oppositional faction within the Likud party, has decided to leave the Likud along with his movement, Makor Rishon reported Friday.

Feiglin has called a meeting of the central activists in Manhigut Yehudit for Sunday, in which he intends to announce his decision. He will recommend that the movement seek its political home outside Likud. On the record, Feiglin would only tell Makor Rishon that “we are in a period of internal inquiries that will last about two weeks and we are involving the activists in the dilemmas.”

Feiglin joined the Likud 10 years ago, out of a conviction that the multi-party system does not really work in Israel, and that the only way to seize leadership is through the largest party, Likud. He vied twice for party leadership and failed both times. Feiglin was in the party's 20th slot for the Knesset in the last elections, but legalistic and political maneuvers by Binyamin Netanyahu forced him out of that slot and prevented his entry into the Knesset. It should be noted that Feiglin never seemed to content himself with the goal of getting elected to a Knesset seat, but was intent from the outset on becoming the party's leader.

Personally, I admire Moshe Feiglin. I never joined the Likud, however. I remember that someone brought me the application form, which said something like, "I affirm that I believe in the ideals of the Likud". I could not bring myself to sign such a crock! The Likud, ever since it took power, has consistently proven that it has no ideals!
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