Thursday, December 27, 2018

Our New Year is the First of Tishrei, Not January 1st!

Here is an interesting survey conducted by the Jewish People Policy Institute:
The annual debate in Israel about the placement of Christmas trees in malls or hotels – this year in Ashdod – shouldn`t fool anyone. For most Israeli Jews, the holiday season is celebrated in the Hebrew month of Tishrei, not in December. For a significant majority of Israeli Jews (78%), December 31st is considered a “completely ordinary day.” Only 2% say that they conduct “soul searching” on the New Year, and only 6% say that December 31st feels like their “real New Year`s Eve.”

The JPPI is releasing this data as part of its #IsraeliJudaism research project, based on an extensive survey of Israeli Jews. A new book based on the research: #IsraeliJudaism, a Portrait of a Cultural Revolution, was published a few weeks ago by Dvir Publishing.

I remember the Friday before January 1, 2000. A radio journalist called a random person on the telephone and asked him how he will be celebrate the new millenium. The person answered that he will do what he does every Sabbath: go to the synagogue and have a regular festive Sabbath meal with his family! The journalist was clearly disappointed with such a Jewish answer.

The survey contains some more interesting information. Read the rest!

(Hat tip: Arutz 7)

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