Monday, July 29, 2013

טומאת קרי

Sometimes current events are so maddening that...I just do not know what to say. Is there any point in writing a blog post on why it is wrong to release murderers from prison in order to have the privilege of talking to Abu Mazen?

Two things are clear. One is that the present government is morally weak. On days like this I am embarrassed to be an Israeli. I am doubly embarrassed to be an American citizen.

The second thing is that the United States of America, under Obama and Kerry, is not a friend of Israel.

It is interesting to note that the name Kerry, in Hebrew, means "nocturnal emission", a source of impurity. Need I say any more?

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Post 9th of Av Post

1) This web site is a must! Go ahead click on the link.

Here's a news report about the web site:

2) Here is another sign of Europe's moral decay.

3) Eight years have gone by since the destruction of Gush Katif.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Devarim: Words of Rebuke

This week's Parasha starts out:
These are the words which Moses spoke to all Israel on that side of the Jordan in the desert, in the plain opposite the Red Sea, between Paran and Tofel and Lavan and Hazeroth and Di Zahav.
Rashi explains:
Since these are words of rebuke and he [Moses] enumerates here all the places where they angered the Omnipresent, therefore it makes no explicit mention of the incidents [in which they transgressed], but rather merely alludes to them, [by mentioning the names of the places] out of respect for Israel (cf. Sifrei).
Rebuke is not an easy matter. Not everybody knows how to rebuke his fellowman in a way that what he says will make a positive impression. Rabbi Akiva said, "I am in doubt if there is anyone in this generation who knows how to give reproof." (Arachin 16B). Rebuking someone by hanging a sign from your balcony seems to me to be a good method. The person is not being attacked personally and he may take the words to heart. Here are some words of rebuke that I have seen recently (click on the pics to enlarge):

The sign on the left says, "No entrance to owners of iPhones (or similar devices) or unfiltered internet." The second sign says," O merciful nation of Israel! Pray that my father will get rid of the iPhone and the internet and not break up our family." I agree with the signs that iPhones, internet etc. can be dangerous. If you don't believe me, ask Anthony Weiner.

More of the same:

This sign warns in the name of Rabbi Kanievsky that those who have iPhones bring trouble into their homes:

This really does not fit in but I'm including it anyway. The red sign in the middle says, "To the Nations of the world: (from their ambassadors in the land who are closely following the struggle against Judaism in Israel) Jewish Education under Foreign Rule is preferable to Foreign Education under Jewish Rule".

Baruch Dayan HaEmet. I just noticed that one of the signs announces that Zahava Golda Levin, the wife of Rabbi Simchah Shlomo Levin shlita, has passed away. (Rabbi Simchah Shlomo Levin is the son of the famed Tzaddik of Jerusalem Rabbi Aryeh Levin zt"l).

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Har Bracha Yeshiva Regains Hesder Status

This is great news:
Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon decided Monday to renew the military's cooperation with the Har Bracha yeshiva located in Har Bracha, Samaria. The yeshiva will regain its “hesder” status, thus enabling its students to serve in the special hesder track that combines yeshiva study with army service.

It was the previous defense minister, Ehud Barak, who canceled the hesder arrangement because of statements by the yeshiva dean, Rabbi Eliezer Melamed, against soldiers' participation in the eviction of Jews from their homes.

The Har Bracha Yeshiva expressed its pleasure with the decision to reinstate it in the hesder track. The Hesder Yeshiva Federation also expressed its approval: “The minister's decision is a clear statement by the defense establishment against those who maliciously attack the hesder track.”

It pays to stick to one's principles!

Here are some things about this subject that I wrote way back when:

Jpost Lies

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Rabbi Melamed: Standing Courageously for the Truth of Torah

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Morsi Bites the Dust

So long Mr. Morsi!
Green search lights shone from the street as fireworks explode in the distance at Tahrir Square in Cairo, Egypt. The main thoroughfare was packed with Egyptians in tense anticipation of the end of the 48-hour deadline the Egyptian military has given for Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi to resign or agree to some sort of compromise.

The cheering of the crowd was constant as various people shout in loudspeakers and blow horns and whistles. Callers exhort the crowd in political chanting. The atmosphere was almost festive, despite the possibility of a bloody civil war. The protests of the past week have resulted in numerous deaths.

Finally, as Wednesday evening dragged on, Egyptian General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi broadcast on national television the removal of President Mohammed Morsi from power. The new interim president is Adly Mansour, who was until now, head of the Supreme Constitutional Court.

The Egyptian army has deployed soldiers around the Presidential compound and army vehicles have been stationed at Tahrir Square as well, although their presence is minimal compared to the mass cheering, flag waving and celebratory fireworks.

Revolution or not, the shameful treatment of women in Egypt continues:

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