Tuesday, September 13, 2005

R' Moishe

R' Moishe was a regular at the daf yomi class. In spite of his advanced age, in spite of the stroke that left him partially paralyzed, R' Moishe almost always made it to the daf yomi class. He would limp in to the beis medresh with his cane, and I would help him remove his coat and sit down. He would pay close attention to what the rabbi said, and often the questions that he would raise were the same questions that the tosefos or other rishonim had already pondered. (This is a sign of a sharp mind and a proper understanding of the issue at hand.)

As the years went by R' Moishe's cane was replaced with a walker, and later on by a wheel chair. R' Moishe started having trouble concentrating during the daf yomi class. He has trouble breathing. His skin has become pale. His doctor says that his days are numbered.

R' Moishe has stopped coming to the daf yomi class. I miss him.

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