Monday, March 09, 2009

British Crimes Against the Jews

Daniel Pinner reminds us who the British are and details a small portion of the crimes that the Brits have committed against our people. Check it out!


yaak said...

Great link!

!פורים שמח

Cosmic X said...

Thanks Yaak.

Anonymous said...

That's definitely the small list, but an important reminder none-the-less.

Everyone tries to speak as if they were heroes due to the British Mandate giving us a homeland, but they only did it because of political pressure and the desire to wipe their hands clean of the situation.

I still think that most of the nations who voted for the mandate did so because they though that Israel would get a tail kicking of the century, and that we'd finally give up on national aspirations.

That's why Israel is the blight of the UN--we overcame incredible odds against tyranny and the UN has been backtracking ever since.

We survived and thrived, and that's something that no one in the UN would have guessed would have been the case.

Hashem is good, and He watches after his bride, Am Yisrael.

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