Sunday, July 05, 2009

Rabbi Shapira: Time to Fight Neo-Reformists in Our Midst

Rabbi Yehoshua Shapira, a leading national-religious rabbi, has declared war on what he says is a neo-Reform stream within the religious Zionist camp. “This justifies tearing the clothes [in mourning – ed.] and tearing apart the public,” he told an audience of religious youth from the Ezra movement a few weeks ago. A recording of his speech was made public Sunday by Kobi Nachshoni on Ynet.

Shapira belongs to the more strictly traditional stream within the national-religious movement, which has been dubbed Hardali -- an acronym formed from the Hebrew words meaning "Hareidi national-religious."

He cited recent Halachic [Jewish-legal] rulings allowing pregnancy out of wedlock and the activity of the feminist women’s group Kolech, as well as that of Hod, an organization of religious homosexuals.
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