Thursday, May 05, 2011

Danny Rosen's Frivolous Lawsuit Gets Dismissed

This was expected:
The Haifa District Court rejected a lawsuit by Danny Rozen, husband of late Haifa police chief Ahuva Tomer, filed against Interior Minister Eli Yishai.

Rozen sued the state and Yishai for NIS 3 million in January, and demanded Yishai's resignation over what he said was criminal negligence of the Israel Fire and Rescue Service.

In its reply to the law suit, the state said Tomer had lost her life while carrying out her police duties, and that the law grants the state immunity from paying damages sustained during police service.

The State's reply expressed "understanding for the pain over this tragic disaster. At the same time ... the lawsuit should be rejected because of the state's immunity to damages ... and the police service of the deceased [Ahuva Tomer]."

Tomer died in December, four days after suffering burns over 90 percent of her body when she rushed to save lives of prison wardens in a burning bus during a fire that consumed the Carmel forest.
Eli Yishai, chazak ve'ematz!

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