Thursday, August 02, 2012

Secular Coercion Will Fail (part 5)

This is just hilarious:
A day before the Tal Law is set to expire, activists demanding a universal IDF draft arrived in Bnei Brak on Tuesday to give out flowers and leaflets urging the ultra-Orthodox sector to shoulder the burden of army service.

Response to the activists' efforts was unenthusiastic; some residents of the predominantly haredi central Israeli city tore the faux draft summons and threw the flowers away.

"Why did you come here?" one haredi youth asked the protesters. "To provoke us?"

When the protest turned tumultuous, the activists, who belong to the Suckers Camp movement, had to double back.

"Where did you serve?" a young ultra-Orthodox man, Moshe, asked Idan Miller, a leader of the protest movement. When the latter answered that he served at Army Radio, Moshe sneered at him.

"You're a sucker, believe me," Moshe said. "Even Yair Lapid contributed more than you. What did you contribute at your air-conditioned (office)? If you would have worked for a media channel, at least you would have made some money."
Did you get it? One of the leaders of the protest movement did his army service at Galei Tzahal, (also known by its acronym, Galatz), which is the radio station of the IDF. You may ask yourself, "How does Galei Tzahal contribute to Israel's security?" The answer is, it doesn't. Israeli Army Radio is an anachronistic organization that should have been closed down long ago:
Galatz started its transmissions on September 24, 1950 as a continuance of the Hagana transmission to the Jewish public during the Israeli War of Independence.
I am not surprised. Often the ones who scream about the loudest about Haredim not serving in the army are the ones whose own army service was insignificant or non-existent. Those who serve in the fighting units do it out of love for their people and country (and for some of them, their love of God).

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