Monday, December 03, 2012

Natalia Nariman: Another Sad Case of Intermarriage

Who remembers the story of Natalia Nariman?
A 58-year-old man set fire to his girlfriend as she sat in their car, murdering her, according to an indictment filed in the Nazareth District Court on Thursday.

Nashad Basul, originally from Reina, is also charged with false imprisonment for allegedly forcing the victim, Natalia Nariman, to remain locked inside their Upper Nazareth apartment for years.

According to the indictment, Nariman met Basul in 1993 after she made aliya from Uzbekistan. She converted to Islam, and the couple lived in Upper Nazareth with their baby daughter and Nariman’s son from a previous relationship.

Basul refused to let Nariman leave the house, according to the indictment. He also allegedly ordered Nariman not to speak with other men, and slapped her.

Tension began to grow between the couple, the indictment alleges, as Nariman expressed her desire to work outside the home and swapped her traditional Muslim dress for Western clothing.

Eventually, Basul plotted to murder Nariman, the indictment alleges. Basul allegedly took Nariman to a hotel in Afula where he gave her alcohol to drink.

In the early morning of September 10, as the couple was driving home, Basul is said to have left the car, leaving Nariman strapped into the passenger seat.

Basul allegedly set fire to Nariman as she sat in the car, then left the scene.

Firefighters later discovered Nariman’s partly charred remains in the passenger seat.

HaKol Yehudi reports that Nashad Basul was sentenced to 16 years in prison for his crime. He also has to pay 250,000 NIS in damages to Nariman's family. Why was he sentenced to only 16 years in prison? Because the prosecution made a plea bargain with the accused, convicting him of manslaughter and not murder. The Kol Yehudi article includes another interesting detail: Basul was already a married man with children when he met Nariman. He led a doulbe life, with one wife in Raina and one wife, Nariman, in Upper Nazareth.

This case received very little coverage in the press. I wonder why!

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