Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Obama and Goldberg Boost Netanyahu

I do not know what Jeffrey Goldberg was thinking. Was he just "reporting the news", or was he intentionally trying to meddle in Israeli politics and harm Benjamin Netanyahu's elecion campaign? The impression here is that Goldberg was doing Obama's bidding, serving as his "Shofar".

In any case, President Obama is not popular here in Israel. He is seen as someone who seems to be stuck in some kind of leftist academic fantasy, unable to grasp the realities of the Middle East. Remember, 85% of the ex-pats here in Israel who voted in the U.S. presidiential elections voted for Romney. I do not have current data, but I estimate that Obama's popularity among the general population in Israel is even less.

With this in mind, Obama's comments crticizing Netanyahu and his policies will only serve to strengthen the prime minister, and those to the right of him, among the elctorate here in Israel.

It looks like another "own goal" for Obama.

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