Thursday, March 21, 2013

Obama's Act of Cowardice

The President of the United States came to Israel for a visit. Instead of addressing the legally elected representatives of the nation in the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, he chose to talk to a different crowd. The people who were lucky enough to be present at Obama's speech were college students chosen by the United States Embassy in Israel. The Embassy tellingly excluded students from the university in Ariel.

You can read what he said here. I will not comment on particulars of the speech. In general, he regurgitated typical leftist talking points, complete with references to "settler violence" and "occupation". Obama knew that the nonsense that he wanted to utter would not go unanswered in the Knesset. Therefore he instructed the Embassy to choose a crowd to his liking: star-struck students who would come to cheer the celebrity who came from overseas. What an act of cowardice! What a fake! This is what has become of the United States presidency.

For me, this speech ruined the good impression that he made at the airport. It was almost as bad as the infamous Cairo speech. To quote the late Yitzchak Shamir, "They are the same Arabs, and it is the same sea." We can now add, "And he is the same Obama."

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Neshama said...

Is Assad Dead? There are rumors, but no confirmation yet.

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