Monday, July 11, 2016

Can Donald Trump Make America Great Again?

One could point to the captain of the ship, President Barack Hussein Obama, and blame him for the fact the ship is way off course. In my mind, and in the mind of many others, not only is he a bad president, he may be the worst president ever. The debate about Obama is not about his foreign and domestic policy failures but about his intentions: Is he stupid, or are his divisive statements and destructive actions the product of an intentional plan to weaken the nation he was elected to lead?

Before pointing the finger at Barack Obama, we have to remember that he was elected in democratic elections, not once but twice! That says something about the electorate. The leader is just a reflection of the majority of the people.

If the above is true another question needs to be asked: How is it that the same nation that chose qualified and successful presidents like Wilson, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan ending up choosing someone as unqualifed as Obama? How in the world did this happen?

I believe that the answer is that the electorate of 2008 was very different that the electorate of 1980. America's economic, military and political decline is a product of its moral decline. The United States of America is a country that still prints "In God we trust" on its money but has slowly but surely turned its back on God.

One of the expressions of the abandonment of God is America's embrace of illicit sexual relations and those that engage in them. This sordid embrace reached its culmination in the infamous OBERGEFELL v. HODGES decision.

Therefore, in answer to my original question,"Can Donald Trump make America great again?", the answer is a loud, resounding no. He does not seem to be a man of high enough moral fiber to pull Americans out of the sleazy cultural mud that there are drowning in. The change in America is going to come from the bottom up, if it is to come at all. It would take a miracle for the USA to reverse its moral decline, and only a miracle will make America great again.

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