Sunday, September 03, 2006

Don't Delete That Blog!

Mirty stopped blogging and deleted her blog. Someone else took her blogger user and sent us all to Detroit.

How long will it take for jrants to remove this blog from the index?


Batya said...

How horrid. I've found others disappearing, too. YSO had some great stuff. I think the owner had to pay for it, so when he was finished it died totally. It was among the best hasbara we had.

Anonymous said...

My friend, it could be a tad worse. A web surfer found out that if one accidentally drops the "s" when trying to reach a Blogspot domain, they are taken instead to a Christian missionary page.

It has been going for a while, but I just found out. It appears to be some kind of redirect mechanism, so I do not think Blogger can do anything about it. *sigh*

Daniel Greenfield said...

same thing happened to the destination jerusalem blog, except it's now a pornographic site, I was informed of it today when someone vited my links


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