Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Generation That Doesn't Know Pollard

From time to time I meet American Jewish youth visiting in Israel. Not to long ago I met a guy who must have been about 25 years old on the bus from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Outside of the Central Bus Station in Jerusalem we passed some activists that were handing out "FREE POLLARD" leaflets (in Hebrew). I asked my American acquaintance if he knew who Pollard was. He replied, "No," and I was really disappointed. But then again, this young man was probably about 5 years old when Pollard was incarcenated!

On Rosh HaShannah among our dinner guests were two bright young women who are spending a year studying in Israel. I thought to myself, "These women weren't even born when Jonathan Pollard entered prison. In spite of this, they must have heard of them." Imagine my disappointment when they told me that they have no idea who he is.

I cry not for Jonathan Pollard. True, he is suffering. However, I cry for American Jewry which has apparently lost its backbone, if it ever had one. During these Ten Days of Repentance, the abandonement of Jonathan Pollard is a sin that is sitting heavily upon all of us.

השיבינו ה' אליך ונשובה


The Town Crier said...

They dont know Zachary Baumel either. in fact ,they dont know of any missing israeli soldiers other than the ones they just heared about a ocuple of months ago as if they are the first.

Pinkerton said...

Very interesting blog. I'm writting from Chile. In my country we have a great colony of jews. People like my friends of the hebrew college. With them I learnt somethings about the history and the traditions of your great nation.
Thank you. Shalom

Cosmic X said...

Town Crier,

Your right. I think that most Israeli youths don't know who Baumel is, and they probably have never heard of the battle of Sultan Yaakub. Unfortunately we haven't heard anything from those young men since they were captured, and we don't know if they are still alive(as far as I know). Pollard, on the other hand, is alive, we know where he is, and not enough is being done to free him!


Thanks for the compliment.

Batya said...

My kids were raised hearing about Pollard, and they complain that even though we've set a place for us at our seder for years, he has never sampled my cooking.

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