Sunday, February 04, 2007

Pollard Awareness Among American Jews

I've blogged about the continuing injustice against Jonathan Pollard many times in the past. I have also noticed the lack of interest among American Jewry and American jbloggers regarding Pollard's fate. Once I wrote the following:
I cry not for Jonathan Pollard. True, he is suffering. However, I cry for American Jewry which has apparently lost its backbone, if it ever had one.
Therefore I was very pleased to see the following today from Boker Tov, Boulder:
I have never wanted to blog about Jonathan Pollard. In fact, I never wanted to learn about Jonathan Pollard. I remember feeling slightly guilty when I heard (or read?) David HaIvri say that if American Jews really want to do something to help Israel, they should address the Jonathan Pollard situation. I felt slightly guilty and I imagined he was right, but I didn't so much as Google Pollard. Why? Because I knew that if I found out about it, if I knew about it, I would be obligated to do something.
Read the rest. I hope that this is a sign that American Jewry is waking up with regards to Jonathan Pollard. Way to go, Anne.


Anonymous said...

if only american jewry was as aware or cared as much about zachary baumel

Anonymous said...

People aren't that aware of anything these days though, are they?

Hi I hopped into your blog by pressing next outta my one. I'm at you're welcome to drop by - it is quite different.

Take care, all the best now


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