Monday, May 07, 2007

Exclusive Pics From Meron!

My oldest son was in Meron Fiday-Shabbat-Lag BeOmer and he came back with some nice pics. Anybody for a shot of Araq? Lechaim!

Rabbi Nachman said that it is a great mitzvah to be happy always:

The renowned Rabbi Mahpoud checks the ritual slaughtering knife:

Tomorrow we'll post some pictures of ritual slaughtering. Stay tuned for "Do You Know Where Your Lamb Chops Come From?"


Baleboosteh said...

Nice photos Cos, I hope you submitted them to JPix!?

Looking forward to the next lot too.


Mr Bagel said...

Thanks for the pics Cosmic, I'm a bit of a wossy when it comes to the next 'series '. I'm the 'My chops come from the shop' kind of guy even though I live in the bush with cows all around.

Shalom Aaron
Visit: Mr Bagel

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