Monday, May 21, 2007

What Do You Do With A Moldy Pita?

Someone in Tel Aviv decided that even though his moldy pita was unfit for human consumption, the local pigeons would be quite happy to dine on it:

I liked the color scheme of this pigeon in particular:


Mr Bagel said...

I often spot one pigeon out of a whole bunch, that has a different 'look', or maybe a limp, and feed this pigeon just a little more than the others.
I suppose its that desire to help the 'outsider' the individualist, I dont know why, but I can appreciate this pigeon is a little better dressed than than rest.

Was it you who had the moldy pita? Cosmic X
Scared we'll think you're a nice guy?

Shalom Aaron

Cosmic X said...


I can't take credit for the moldy pita, only for the photo.

Some people think that I am, among other things, a fanatic, fundamentalist, misogynist, and a fascist. But other than that I really am a nice guy.

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