Monday, December 10, 2007

The Menorah

While I was at work my wife and kids toured the Old City and the City of David. Here's a picture that they took of a very special menorah. The Temple Institute made this Menorah which is suitable for the Holy Temple, may it speedily be rebuilt. This menorah used to be on display in the Cardo but now they moved it to a different location in the Old City:


Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

I was in the Old City at the Cardo only a couple of weeks ago. And the Menorah was still there in the Cardo. When did they move it --and why?

Cosmic X said...


I saw this on Arutz 7:Other Temple Mount News
On Monday, the famous golden Menorah (candelabrum) - suitable for use in the Holy Temple, and familiar to visitors to the Cardo section of the Old City of Jerusalem - was relocated to the landing of the wide staircase that leads down from the Jewish Quarter to the Western Wall. Click here to see photos of the procession. The $3-million, one-half ton Menorah is protected inside the same type of glass structure that has housed it until now. The Menorah's construction was made possible through the generosity of Vadim Rabinovitch, a leader of the Jewish community of Ukraine.

Soccer Dad said...

Back in 2003 I took a picture of my children in front of that Menorah. It was (and is) very impressive.

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