Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rabbi Druckman, Rabbi Sherman and the Conversion Crisis (Part 4)

I've finally found something published on the matter that I agree with. In last Shabbat's Tzohar parsha sheet there was an article entitled "13 Principles of a Judge in the Conversion Court(Part 2)" by Rabbi Eliyahu Birnboim. Here is principle number 8:
I believe that conversion must be done according Jewish Law of [in accord to the way it has been done for] many generations, for the purpose of guarding the unity of the nation.

Conversion has to be a factor in keeping the unity of the nation of Israel and not a factor [that causes] its fragmentation. I have no doubt that the problem of the non-Jewish immigrants that cane to the land [of Israel] in accordance with the Law of Return demands the attention of the halacha and the rabbinic court[s], however the problem must be solved in a manner that will not harm internal unity. It is forbidden for us to create different types of conversion that will give legitimacy to some and will harm others. The conversion must be "conversion for all", in a manner that will be acceptable to everyone. To our dismay this is not the situation today in the State of Israel, wherein there is a division [according] to different groups and sectors. It is possible to hope that conversion itself will become, with the passage time, a solution to this problem, however in any event I am of the opinion that without this kind of conversion, the motivation for immigrants to convert will not be created.


yitz said...

Most of what they say here has been said by Rabbi Adlerstein on the Cross-Current link I added in an earlier comment.
But I disagree vehemently about what perhaps is the main point. This problem is largely one that was caused by the political expediency of the Left-Labor gov't, which, together with the so-called "Jewish Agency" brought in HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of goyim, yes, Non-Jews, into our Holy Land...for the express purpose of stemming the demographic tide of the Religious & Chareidi population, which were soon to become a majority, & of course, vote them out of office!
Then they want to lay at the feet of the Halachic world, a problem that they created, & when the solution is not to their liking, they go ahead & create a "Conversion Authority" which is supposed to "solve" this problem. Well--these people also not only want to become "Jewish" [read, Israeli], but they want to continue to eat davar acher as well. It don't work!!!
And now, Arutz-7 is reporting that the wonderful "gov't" of ours is planning to get rid of Rabbi Shirman. SHOOT THE MESSENGER! Hashem yerachem!!!

yitz said...

Check this out, how my Rosh Yeshiva's words from years ago arrived in my e-mailbox today, relating to this controversy:

"Kabbalas ol malchus Shamayim, accepting the yoke of Heaven, should be perfect."

Cosmic X said...


Don't forget that many sincere converts are converting through the Batei Din of the Conversion Authority.

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