Friday, September 26, 2008

I'm Behind This Jew

26 Elul, 5768

I went to due my pre-Shabbat shopping at the Giv'at Sha'ul branch of Yesh this morning but I couldn't find parking. I decided to try something new. Earlier this morning my wife had mentioned that there is a supermarket called Sha'arei Ezra at 9 Yirmiyahu St. I decided that perhaps this is a sign from Heaven: I can't find parking where I usually shop and this very morning my wife suggested an alternative.

Finding the place wasn't difficult. I even found parking close to the entrance. Most of the customers looked the picture I posted here. I heard Yiddish flying around all over the place!

After filling my shopping cart with what was on my shopping list I headed for the checkout counter. Unfortunately the lines were long and it was hard to distinguish between the different lines. After examining the various lines, I chose one which I thought would be the quickest. Murphy's Law was in action as I saw the lines on both sides of me progressing much quicker.

In the meantime more people finished their shopping and lined up after me. Someone asked the lady behind me which line she was standing on. She gestured towards me and said, "Ani Acharei HaYehudi HaZeh (I'm behind this Jew)."

Now when a Jew in Jerusalem (or anywhere else in Israel for that matter) calls someone else a Jew it is a term of endearment. When I heard the lady say, "Ani Acharei HaYehudi HaZeh" I immediately thought of the following scenario: I'm in New Jersey waiting to pay at the supermarket and the guy behind me says, "I'm behind this Jew." A big smile crossed my face.


Rafi G. said...

good contrast!

Cosmic X said...

It's the difference between being in your own land and being a mionority elsewhere.

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