Monday, August 31, 2009

Lightning Strikes Cosmic X

A funny thing happened to me, or should I say to my blog, yesterday. Yahoo News linked to this post (who knows why?) and the result was much more traffic than I usually get in one day: over 1000 page views.

There are over twenty comments there as of this time. Those leaving comments included a knuckle-dragging Nazi ("you people deserved what hitler gave you in ww2"), the typically misinformed consumer of the MSM ("decades of Palestinian suffering, malnutrition, and bullying by Israel"), the banal ("Anti-Semitic? How is supporting Palestinian people against oppressing anti-Semitic? Arab people like Jews are Semitic people"), someone who is distressed that I am not a lunatic (I find it distressing that there is an actual blog that thinks there should be no two-state solution"), a guy that creates God in his own image ("Lunacy is thinking that god promised land to JEWS.. This would make god a racist"), a thief that wants to steal the land of Israel from the Jews and give it to Arabs ("Lunacy is stealing arab land"), and some supporters as well.

I particularly liked what this guy wrote:
In keeping with "fighting on the 'net is akin to Special Olympics - even if you win you are still "challenged"...

Here also wrote:
Solution? I don't have one. Neither does O'Bama. But blaming the Jews, who have suffered enough for 2000 years, ain't going nowhere except for the folks on her who spell phonetically.

Thanks to everybody that left a comment, including the knuckle-dragging Nazi. It's important that the world see your true colors.

Quiet has returned to this corner of the blogosphere since the link disappeared from Yahoo News. I wonder: can lightning strike twice in the same place?


yaak said...

Thanks for clarifying! I noticed the barrage of comments out of nowhere yesterday, and that was just too weird.
If you find out why/how Yahoo News linked to you, please let us know.

Cosmic X said...


Yes, weird is the word. I have a feeling that the Yahoo thing is random sampling of the blogosphere. I guess it's like winning the lottery.

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