Saturday, October 30, 2010

New Logo

This is the cherry on the cream of this blog's metamorphosis. Many thanks to the young artist atchalta!


Leora said...

I'm fascinated by the new logo. OK, you've got a wall, a new bridge, but what's that crescent moon in the upper right supposed to represent?

Cosmic X said...

It started with the bridge and the blog title. Then we decided that we saw that the upper right hand side was empty so we added the moon and stars ("something cosmic"). Finally we wanted something that represents the Old City so we added the wall.

I know what you are thinking: The crescent reminds us of another religion. To that I say, "They don't own the moon and they never will!"

Esser Agaroth said...


I like it.

You sure like that bridge, don't you? ;-)

I live a block away from a future station. :-)...not the Qiriyath Moshe/R' Tzvi Yehuda one, but the next one down toward Bet HaKerem.

I can't wait!

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