Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Secular Coercion Will Fail (part II)

As I mentioned, the new draft law that is still in the works is being perceived as an evil decree that one must be willing to sacrifice one's life for. This was waiting for me when I came home from work today:

See Rafi's take on this.

It is interesting to see how General (in the reserves) Elazar Stern sees things:

וזאת משום ששוויון בנטל לא היה, אין ולא יהיה. שהרי לא ניתן להשוות גם בתוך שורות הצבא בין מי שמשרת בקריה ללא מילואים לבין מי שמשרת שלוש שנים בצנחנים ולאחר מכן עשרים שנה במילואים, כך גם לא בין מי שמשרת שנתיים בשירות לאומי למי שמשרת בגבעתי או בשריון.
... and this is because there was never equality (in sharing) the burden, and there never will be. After all, even within the army, you cannot compare someone who serves in "the Kiryah" (in Tel Aviv) and does not do reserve duty to one who serves three years in the paratroopers battalion and afterwards 20 years in the reserves. Similarly you can't compare someone who does "national service" with somebody who served in Givati or the armored corps...

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