Friday, January 16, 2015

Jewish Home Party Primaries Results

Updated: Here are the results according to (my choices are in bold):
1. Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home chairman)
2. Uri Ariel (Tekuma chairman)
3. Ayelet Shaked
4. Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan
5. Nissan Slomiansky
6. Yinon Magal
7. Uri Orbach
8. Motti Yogev
9. Bezalel Smotrich
10. Shuli Muallem-Refaeli
11. Avi Wortzman
12. Nir Orbach
13. Rabbi Avichai Rontzky
14. Orit Struk
15. Yehudit Shilat
16. Ronen Shoval
17. Avichai Boaron
18. Zevulun Kalfa
19. Moshe Salomon
20. Danny Dayan
I am happy to say that all my choices made it into the top twenty, with the top six having a realistic chance of being elected according to the polls.

It is interesting to note that in the primaries themselves, barring the elections for the party chairman, the top vote getter was Ayelet Shaked, a secular woman from Tel Aviv. Rabbi Ben-Dahan, who came in second place, could have made it into the list in one of Tekuma's reserved spots. Both candidates were rewarded by the voters for their outstanding work: Shaked in the Knessett and Ben-Dahan in the Religious Affairs Ministry.

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