Monday, January 12, 2015

Should France's Jews Make Aliyah?

Many are asking in the wake of the murder of four Jews by a Muslim terrorist in the Hyper Cacher store in Paris, "Should France's Jews make Aliyah? Should they leave their homes, livelihoods and all that is familiar to them to start anew in their true homeland, the land of Israel?

Of course they should! Just as I wrote a long time ago:

I believe that living in Israel is one of the positive precepts of the Torah, and as such I believe that every Jew should make his home here.
I also wrote,
Even one who makes aliyah while single has to do it with the knowledge that Eretz Yisrael, along with Torah and Olam Habah is one of the things that is acquired al yedei yisurim. While I strongly encourage aliyah, it has to be done wisely. A person should know what he is getting into and be prepared for the challenges that face him.
Now that the ground is burning under their feet, they should get on the first El Al flight before they get burned, God forbid! Israël est la patrie de tous les Juifs!

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