Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Fake Bomb In Jerusalem's Central Bus Station

Read about it at ynet. It is interesting to note that many of the talkbacks think that the Shabak is behind this. I agree with what Rachel BenDavid (talkback no. 9) wrote:
Someone messed up - and should be fired

How is it that they can find out who sends suicide bombers and they can do "targeted assassinations", but they can't figure out how to prevent this?

Either it is a plant, or someone is messing up big time!

For those of you who don't believe that this is a plant, why aren't they firing the incompetent people in charge of stopping this??

Why isn't there a public outcry?
Indeed, I am shocked. The ynet article itself states what every Jerusalemite knows:
Security at the central bus station is one of the most extensive operations in the country. Passengers must pass through metal detectors, bags go through airport-style x-ray machines, and every passenger is frisked.
In summary, either this is a provocation of the Shabak, or an incredible, almost unbelievable security lapse. Either way those in charge of security at the Central Bus Station owe the public an explanation.

Update: Dummy Bomb Suspected GSS Provocation

Update: Rachel Ann weighs in on this one.


Ze'ev said...

Putting this particular incident aside for a moment, a tremendous danger that is threatening (and has been threatening) the unity of the Jewish People is the specter of "agent provacateurs" and the general demonization by the government and media of anyone who doesnt tow the party line (namely, the religious and the right).

Is that to say that there aren't particular incidents where people who are opposed to the "Disengagement" might cross the line? no, it does happen, but I do find it hard to beleive that within the period of about 10 days, the anti-"Disengagement" camp has been accused of pouring oil and nails on the highway, nearly lynching an Arab youth, and planting bombs...

I imagine, as the scheduled date for "Disengagement" approaches, we will here more and more accusations of this srt of activity - and as I see it, without proof, these claims are baseless and only cause rifts in the Jewish people.

Olah Chadasha said...

It never ceases to amaze me how quick people are to jump on govermental conspiracy theories. Hey, while we're at it, maybe we can charge the Shabak with the Keneddy assasination.
Yes, the security at the bus terminal is extremely tight, but it's based on and conducted by human beings. As such, they are fallible and will, no doubt, mess up from time to time. Another rumor going around is the possibility that it could have been a soldier. They're not checked as intensively as regular civilians. Listen, last time I checked, none of us were in the police, and none of us are professional detectives, as of yet. So, why don't we wait a little on this before anybody jumps to conclusions. Oh wait a minute, it wouldn't be fun if we couldn't jump to conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Look, the security is so tight there that I find it next to impossible for anyone without a lot of help, to have gotten it into the bathroom. Moreover, I would not expect such a quick response condemning the right if in fact such a device was found and placed by a disengagement opponent. The first response would be to quickly figure out who placed it and when and how it got past security. They wouldn't want photos etc to show how easily it would be to get a bomb past a guard.

Soccer Dad said...

I've blogged the reasons I'm skeptical of the government here. In short, it's been done before.

Olah Chadasha said...

Ah yes, time to bring in the conspiracy theory that Shabak was responsible for the assassination of Rabin. I was wondering when that would come up.
You know what, when they showed footage of the "Grassy Knoll", I'm sure I saw what looked like two Shabak agents (they looked Israeli) firing. When should we start on that case?

Soccer Dad said...

That's grossly unfair. I accused Raviv of 2 things.
1) Effectively blaming the Jews of Chevron for the murder in Chalchul.
2) Having foreknowledge of Yigal Amir's plans to kill PM Rabin.
In those two ways he overstepped the bounds of what he was supposed to be doing and became involved in what can only be described as "dirty tricks." And these two items have been established in the media. I'm not making things up.
Yossi Melman wrote an article in 1998 "The never ending fizz of 'Champagne.'" (Champagne was Raviv's code name.) It is a disturbing article - though apparently no longer available on the web. Melman doesn't even try to argue that Raviv was innocent. His argument was that the ends justified the means and that exposing Raviv to prosecution endangered the Shin Bet's ability to function.

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