Tuesday, October 17, 2006

More On Last Night's Wedding

It used to be that religious weddings in Israel were more or less the same. The ceremony had several steps, and as a guest at the wedding one more or less knew what was going to happen.

Nowadays every wedding is different, special production. Sure there is a bedecken, blessings under the chuppah, and a meal. But everything before, in between and after is specially crafted according to the bride, groom and their families. For instance, last nights wedding included a lady with a guitar singing before the bedecken, a film about the groom during the meal, and other unique features.

It was nice, but I am a fan of the old, simple style. The simplicity and faithfulness to tradition binds the ceremony to the rest of the nation, whereas all of these special features put the emphasis on the individual. I can't help but feel that there is also a matter of "keeping up with the Jones (or Cohens)" here. That is how it seems to me.

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mother in israel said...

I heard someone talking about the wedding she attended of the son of a famous chazan. The father's colleagues took turns singing for the guests. The attendee said that it was too much, as she had already heard Kinderlach and Graucher a dozen times already (I haven't).

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