Thursday, October 19, 2006

On The Way To The Lake Of Galilee...

1) I saw that they named the Jordan Valley Highway after Rechavam Ze'evi. Cool.

2) While driving through the Jordan Valley,on the Western side of the Jordan River, I received the following SMS:
Welcome to jordan (sic) and thank you for using UMNIAH GSM network. We wish you a pleasant stay in Jordan. For customer care inquiries please dial 1333.
Not cool.


JoeSettler said...

Just don't do what I did, which is place a call to see if your cellphone works under the Jordanian Network.

(a) It works
(b) It considered like making any other call from an overseas network $$$$.

Cosmic X said...


Now that is really not cool! Why should you have to use the Jordanian Network if you are not in Jordan?

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