Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Police Considering Calling Off Homosexual March

From INN:
Jerusalem Affairs Minister Edri has asked the police to consider banning the Homosexual Parade in Jerusalem, scheduled for nine days from now. The
police are leaning towards calling it off.

The police announced last night (Tuesday) that they were planning to deploy in top-level strength for the event - a declaration perceived by some to be a salvo in the public-opinion war over whether or not to allow the march. One internal police source said the announcement was publicized merely to stir up anti-march sentiment; official police sources denied this.
INN has a few other interesting articles dealing with the subject. When Tolerance Invades by Ellen W. Horowitz exposes the march for what it is:
The force-fed tolerance festival (the Gay Pride parade) planned for November 10th is nothing more than a ruthless assault on traditional Jewish values and the sanctity of Jerusalem...This isn't about pluralism, freedom of expression, the principle of equality and freedom of assembly. This is about the deliberate and planned trampling of the religious and moral sensitivities of the people of Jerusalem, and of those who hold that physical intimacy and sexual expression should be sacred, holy and private. And, like the homosexual approach to sex, those who predict violence while at the same time promoting the event are being both brutal and sadomasochistic.
How I Almost Became a Lesbian by Kaelly Langston is also worth reading.


Avi said...

You know, it's because of bigots like you and INN that I, a straight, married, religious Jew plan on proudly marching in the gay pride parade. I wouldn't have and didn't march in last year's Jerusalem parade but after seeing the vile disgusting hate from those (mostly American yeshiva kids - can we say ביטול תורה?) who protested it last year and the homophobic, anti-Jewish vile hate, I plan on proudly marching with my wife and the biggest kippah I have.

The Torah forbids anal sex. זיהו.

Cosmic X said...


Your argumentum ad hominem is simply humorous, and I feel no need to respond to it other than to say "Sticks and stones may brake my bones but names will never hurt me."

Tell me, if people promoting adultery or consensual incest were to parade would you also take part, if "bigots" like myself came out against it?

Your understanding of what halacha permits or forbids is also lacking.

אין כאן המקום להאריך

Anonymous said...

I'll be there too Amechad marching for my right to perferm bestiality. Hope you'll join me. (I'll bring the sheep)

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