Monday, March 31, 2008

Two Minute Pizza

It's that time of year again. On one hand we have to get rid of all of the Chametz before Passover. On the other hand, who has time to cook when there is so much work to be done?

Usually you need at least an hour to make pizza. Kneading the dough, cooking the sauce and baking the pizza is a time consuming and labor intensive endeavor. Do you want to eat pizza? Here's my recipe for making pizza in only two minutes!

First you start off with a healthy whole wheat pita. We don't have time to make dough, there is pesach cleaning to be done. Another advantage of using pita is that there is no doubt with regards to the bracha that is to recited: HaMotzi Lechem Min HaAretz.

We don't have time to make tomato sauce either. Instead we just pour some ketchup on the pita.

The next step is the za'atar. Don't forget that za'atar!

Finally, we top the whole thing off with a couple of slices of yellow cheese. A minute and 20 seconds of microwave radiation later we have the finished product.

Don't forget! This pizza needs netilat yadayim, hamotzi, and birkat hamazon. Take the time out to do the mitzvot properly even if you are in a rush to finish your pesach cleaning.



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Aren't you guys amazed at my great culinary skills? :)

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