Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The "Peace Process" Corrupts

One of the propaganda cliches of the Israeli Left is that the "occupation corrupts". Every social ill was attributed to the fact that the State of Israel was "ruling over another nation". Empirical evidence was never brought to support such a hypothesis which was presented as a proven fact. It was not in vain that our sages referred to this world as "'alma d'shiqra", the world of falsehood.

I would like to present an alternative hypothesis which states that the so called "peace process" corrupts. The thought occurred to me as I read about the murder of crime boss Ya'aqov Alperon, in which innocent bystanders were also wounded. This is a relatively new phenomenon, that the Israeli mafia is indifferent to harming innocent bystanders during "the settling of scores." Could it be that this indifference is a shadow of the indifference of the Israeli government to the acts of murder, maiming and terror perpetrated by our Arab "peace partners"? Has not the life of the average man on the street become cheap ever since the establishment of the "New Middle East" by Rabin, Peres, Aloni, Sarid, Beilin and Der'i?

With regards to the Israeli MSM, it seems that the "peace process" increased the corruption of a band that was already rotten to the core. The guarding of the etrog, Ariel Sharon, as long as he was intent on destroying Jewish towns in the Gaza Strip is a good example of this corruption. The Israeli MSM was an active participant in selling this outrageous idea to the public. They parroted the government terminology of "disengagement", "they are over there and we are over here", instead of questioning the wisdom of what now history has proven to be a disaster.

There has never been a government more corrupt than the current one, and there has never been a party more corrupt than "Kadima". Both of these creatures are the products of the "peace process". When Olmert brought convicted sex offender Haim Ramon back into the government did he not teach us all that crime does pay? The main thing is that Ramon supports the "peace process".

Let's not forget Oslo accomplices Alexander Goldfarb and Gonen Segev! Their deserting of the right wing Tzomet party in order to receive positions in the Rabin government and vote for Oslo II was a clear cut case of political bribery. But all was forgiven in the name of "peace".

It seems that the police force discovered that it is much easier to beat up teenagers in Amona and to harass the Federman family than to deal with car theft, burglaries and organized crime. The policemen that took part in the expulsion received a special bonus.

The courts are also party of the corruption brought about by the "peace process". There is no equality before the law as right wing protester that blocks a road will receive jail time where anyone else receives a slap on the wrist. This is of course to deter the opponents of the "peace process".

In short the "peace process" in its various stages has caused a moral breakdown in many Israeli governmental bodies and consequently in society in general. This only strengthens our desire to see a true Jewish government, driven by true Jewish morality. May we merit to see it.

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