Monday, November 17, 2008

Who's the Jew?

Can you name the Jew? I'm talking about the guy with the beard. Do you have any idea where this pic was taken or when it was taken? Guess your best!

Update: The place is Tel Romeida in Hebron, the year is 1985, and the Jew is.....

Yechiel Leiter! He would like to be a candidate on the Likud list in the upcoming elections. Back then Yechiel, or Rav Leiter as he was known, was one of my teachers in Machon Meir. He invited me a couple of times to spend Shabbat with him and his family in Hebron. That was a wonderful experience!

A couple of gems that I remember hearing from him:
- Halacha covers every facet of life, from how to go to bathroom in the desert to how to offer sacrifices in the Temple.

-"Let the wicked forsake his way, and the man of iniquity his thoughts; ..."(Isaiah 55:7): To be a true Ba'al Teshuvah it is not enough to stop sinning, to put on a kippah, keep Shabbat, and keep Kashrut. One must also shift his thoughts away from the bad and towards the good.


Anonymous said...

Tell me! I can't take the suspense!!

Esser Agaroth said...


No clue. I don't recognize the yishuv either.

C'mon. Who is it?

Rafi G. said...


Soccer Dad said...

He spoke in Baltimore in 1995. He talked about Oslo and about the wisdom of the American system that required 2/3 majorities to pass treaties.

The divisiveness (and corruption as you point to in your next post) stems from the fact that the government never had to achieve an overwhelming concensus on a policy that was so basic to the existence of the state.

Batya said...

He has been in Eli for years.

Don't forget that he worked for Limor Livnat when she was Min. of Education and promoted her Dovrat recommendations which seems to have destroyed her credibility and career. But somehow Yechiel slipped away (maybe because of his shaving), and now he's promoting himself.

Esser Agaroth said...

Dovrat? I don't like him already. Who is he already? I still don't know even with all of the clues.

What I want to know is what MCX's connection to him is.

Rafi G. said...

the second picture of him, in the likud banner, has the top of his head cut off. is he wearing a kipa? is he still religious?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Yechiel Leiter is following in Arik Sharon's footsteps -- wanting to evict 5000 Jews from their homes and destroy 11 Jewish towns.

Last week the rightwing Israeli weekly newspaper Makor Rishon printed an article written by Erez Tadmor, which deals with several new 'peace plans' being suggested by none other than people like former Yesha council secretary general Adi Mintz, MK Yisrael Katz, and most surprisingly, former Hebron resident Yechiel Leiter. Leiter, today a resident of Eli in the Shomron, once a prominent Hebron leader, was also a leader of the Yesha council for many years, an advisor to Limor Livnat and later to Bibi Netanyahu. His proposal, as presented in the Makor Rishon article calls for Israel to 'transfer' 5,000 Israelis in eleven communities, due to their 'problematic' locations, while declaring sovereignty over 42 percent of Judea and Samaria. That means, leaving 58% to our neighbors. He doesn't rule out 'one-sided' Israeli withdrawal: leaving heavily populated Arab land to the Arabs, while declaring Israeli sovereignty over the other land areas. (source)

I would suggest that Likud voters think very carefully before voting for Yechiel in the Likud primaries -- do they want to support yet another proponent of a Jewish expulsion?

Jameel @ The Muqata said...

Rafi: He wears a kippa, lives in Eli, and is religious.

And he wants to destroy the communities of Gav Hahar.

word verification: stressing

Cosmic X said...


Did you recognize him from the old photo or the later one?


You didn't read the update!


It's the old cut-off-the-top-of-the-head trick.


I am so disappointed! Such a stance is so far away from what he thought when I learned from him!

HolyCityPrayer said...

Slow down everyone.

I am amazed how people are making decisions based on comments in blogs.

Yehiel lives in Eli and used to be Baruch Marzel's neighbor in Tel Rumeida, as you all can see, before they had plumbing and heating:-)

"he wants to destroy Gev haHar" is serious charge, which probably developed from broken telephone, and of course is completely untrue.

Besides proven mordim, I cannot understand why anyone would think that someone so close to the average right wing expat American would not be the best bet to have in the Knesset. Yehiel does not want to be railroaded out of Eli a la Yonatan Bassi.

I called Yehiel, who is obviously crisscrossing the country making sure people vote for him instead of Dan Meridor, so he cannot comment on every blog post. But his spokesman (also an Anglo from Yesha) will try to get to this asap.

I hope you will reconsider voting for Yehiel even though he is not his former neighbor:-)

Good luck to us all.

Here is a link to _my_ blog entry, which for now is a copy of my comment to other places (linked to inside):

Esser Agaroth said...


I'd say that destroying Gav HaHar is an understatement.

Who cares who his neighbor was? All his previous work is menaingless if this is the result.

Torah certainly doesn't seem to be a factor to him, {proverbial kashrus shailos aside} does it?

Likud Knesset Candidate Leiter Defends Diplomatic Plan

( Judea and Samaria activist Yechiel Leiter on Sunday defended his diplomatic plan that calls for immediate steps that will lead to the annexation of some 50% of Judea and Samaria. “There are those who fear talking about annexing 50%, because that means giving up the other 50%,” he told “But that’s not how I look at it. Annexation is a long process that means first building up strong support within Israel for the settlement enterprise and for these areas, making major changes in how these areas are regulated and governed, moving the checkpoints, which are not supposed to be border points - and only then will we be able to annex the areas.

Leiter has plans for all but 11 Jewish towns, such as Yitzhar and Nachliel, which he admits might have to be given up. “But there are some elements within the Likud who are concentrating on that to accuse me of being a ‘so-called settler’ who wants to destroy communities in Judea and Samaria,” Leiter said, “despite all I have done and do to build up Yesha.”

Jameel @ The Muqata said...


1. The comments about Yechiel Leiter come straight from Makor Rishon. It's not some anonymous comment being posted on a blog -- you can see the link yourself.

2. By adopting a postion "lichatchila" that yishuvim will be destroyed and 5000 Jews to be evicted, is a terrible way to negotiate. The ONLY way to negotiate is to start with 100%. Anything else is a farce.

3. Yechile Leiter has made it his business to personally attack Moshe Feiglin and Manhigut Yehudit at every chance possible. He also defends and props up Netanyahu as the "saviour of Israel". One can support the Likud while realizing Nentanyahu's shortcomings, and without trashing Feiglin as the root of all evil in the Likud. I think Leiter cares more Feiglin not being in the Knesset than Dan Meridor.

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