Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The ultra-Orthodox Plumber and Dan Margalit

A few days ago this guy left his magnetic calling card on my front door[click on the pic to enlarge]:

A quick translation:
With God's Help
Gamliel the ultra-Orthodox Plumber
Implementation of all water and sewage work
Quick and reliable service
Work is guaranteed

His magnetic calling card also mentions that his gives discounts to "Bnei Torah".

One of the greatest libels against the ultra-Orthodox community is that they do not work. Here is what Dan Margalit wrote in today's issue of Yisrael Hayom:
One-third of the Israeli public, mostly from the middle class, carries the weight of the Arabs on the one hand and the ultra-Orthodox on the other. Neither of these groups contributes to our national enterprise, yet both live off the funds of those who do work.
It is true that many men learn Torah full time, but many others work in almost all walks of life. Among those that learn full time, very often the wife works to support the family. I bet that Gamliel the ultra-Orthodox plumber could probably teach Dan Margalit something about what work really is.

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