Monday, April 30, 2007

Gaydamak: The Next Mayor Of Jerusalem?

Word is out that Arcadi Gaydamak wants to be our mayor:
Russian-Israeli billionaire Arcadi Gaydamak announced Monday that he plans to run for Mayor of Jerusalem. “I have no doubt that the entire city will vote for me,” he said. Gaydamak said he plans to turn Jerusalem into “a symbol of peace and Judaism.”

Gaydamak has gained popularity in Israel through a series of highly publicized projects such as funding vacations for residents of the north during the Second Lebanon War, granting a free vacation in Eilat to children from Sderot, and holding a large party in honor of Independence Day with several famous singers.

Sources close to Gaydamak said he made the decision to run just days ago, when Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski criticized the annual march held in the city by Russian veterans of World War II. Lupolianski said that the march, funded by Gaydamak, disturbs city workers.
Well Mr. Gaydamak, yours truly does admire some of your charitable projects. However, your chances of getting my vote are very slim. Before you officially throw your hat into the ring, I recommend that you check in with Rabbi Elyashiv, the Gerrer Rebbe, and Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef and see what they think.

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