Thursday, April 19, 2007

When A Settler Becomes A Hilltop Settler

I've know Rabbi Menachem Listman for over twenty years, ever since we were both students at the Yeshivah in Beit El. Today Rabbi Listman is the director of the English speaking division of Machon Meir. I am honored to say that he is my friend.

Not too long ago I head that he moved to the Givat Assaf hilltop. Givat Assaf is named after Assaf Hershkovitz who was murdered by terrorists on his way to work, three months after terrorists murdered his father. You can see an arial photo of Givat Assaf at this radical leftist web site . I found the rumor hard to believe on one hand, and quite believable on the other. It was hard to believe, because the Listman family is a (bli ayin hara!) large one, and how in the world can they live in a caravan on an isolated hilltop? On the other hand, Menachem and his wife were were always idealists, and the apples (their children) did not fall far away from the tree.

Enough of my rambling! Click here to hear how a settler becomes a hilltop settler.

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