Monday, April 16, 2007

Wow! I Wish That I Wrote This!

Check this out. After reading many incoherent and illogical anti-Israel rants on the WWW, I could not help but notice that the style of the typical Israel basher is so similar to the classic antisemite. Art Levine eloquently explains the connection:When Does Criticism Become Bigotry? A snippet:
The new term "anti-Semitism" could be used comfortably in academic circles. The outlook was an unexceptional mindset in the mainstream of society. That changed after the Holocaust. As the reality of the death camps became known, anti-Semitism was rightly disgraced. Discrediting race-based Judeophobia did not eliminate Judeophobia any more than discrediting religion-based Judeophobia.

The current tenor of the times has made it necessary again to drape Judeophobia in new and socially acceptable clothes. Many people who would never consider themselves racists or prejudiced have no trouble identifying themselves as "anti-Zionists." Proponents have nothing against the Jewish religion, nor the so-called Jewish "race." Of course not. What they object to is the intolerable behavior of the state of Israel. Israeli behavior poses a direct threat to the security of the world. Anti-Zionists have no issue with Jews, but only with Israel, the Jewish state and those who support it. This line of reasoning would bring a smile to the lips of Wilhelm Marr.

Can there be legitimate criticism of Israel? Of course. But can that criticism be a socially acceptable cover for bigotry? Absolutely.

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