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Amazing Scoop at What is the Real Reason That Danny Rosen Wants to Sue Eli Yishai?

There is an amazing scoop on You may have heard about what happened at a memorial ceremony for the victims of the Carmel fire:
Minister of Interior Eli Yishai had to be escorted out of an official memorial ceremony at Beit Oren Wednesday for the 44 people who died in the Carmel fire disaster. Yishai left, accompanied by Chief Sephardic Rabbi Shlomo Amar, after several family members of the fire's victims loudly interrupted Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu when he got up to speak.

The shouting was led by Danny Rosen, who was the life partner of Brigadier-General Ahuva Tomer, the female commander of Haifa Police who died in the blaze. Rosen, a retired member of Israel's security forces, stood up and singled out Yishai in the loud verbal attack, which he carried out from one of the front rows of chairs that seated the bereaved families. He said that Yishai had no right to be present at the ceremony and demanded that he leave. He then threatened that he and other relatives would leave the ceremony if Yishai did not.
Eli Yishai, together with Chief Rabbi Amar, nobly left the ceremony. However, Rosen's outburst was just the start. Now he wants to sue Eli Yishai:
Danny Rozen, the life partner of former Haifa Police chief Ahuva Tomer, told Israel Radio on Thursday that he would sue Interior Minister Eli Yishai.

"Eli Yishai has to pay" for the Carmel fire, Rozen said. "I will do whatever I can so he pays out of his own pocket."
I'm not a lawyer, but it doesn't seem to me that this suit has much merit. I was puzzled by the issue until I saw the following scoop by Moshe HaLevi a.k.a. "Halemo" at . Here is what Halemo claims (I've translated it into English):
In the year 2010 "open door" judicial proceedings took place in the Haifa District Court. In the proceedings a property and financial separation was requested between Ahuva Tomer and her partner for life Danny Rosen, his son and his daughter. (This was not a proceeding in the court of family matters which take place behind closed doors). During the proceedings it was revealed that Danny Rosen has serious financial problems since 1993. He sold his apartment in '93 to his partner Ahuva Tomer.

The banks wished to place a lien on his possessions because of his debts. They wanted to put a lien on his apartment in the city of Nesher, the very apartment that he sold to Ahuva Tomer.

During the proceedings it was revealed, by means of an affidavit that Rosen presented, that the sale of the apartment was done without a lawyer and without informing the tax authorities. Rosen and/or Tomer chose not to pay the "appreciation tax" on the deal. The tax was payed many years later after this flaw was revealed.

The tragic death of Tomer, Rosen's partner, places him in deep financial problems, since the couple decided to live a partnership life style that is not anchored in the law, separating their property and money, in order that it would not be confiscated by the banks.
Check out Halemo's scoop, along with the relevant legal documents at

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