Monday, January 03, 2011

Who Thinks Katzav May Be Innocent?

Rabbi Shlomo Aviner:
Rabbi Shlomo Aviner, one of Religious Zionism's leaders, said Thursday that the former President Moshe Katsav was innocent, and that the Tel Aviv District Court should not have convicted him of the sexual offenses detailed in the indictment.

The rabbi stated that the case files had previously been revealed to him and his conclusion was that the man in question was innocent. His statements were first published on the Kipa website.

Ben-Dror Yemini:
Moshe Katzav was the victim of a feminist-leftist media lynch and his trial may well have been a mistrial, according to popular columnist Ben-Dror Yemini of Maariv.

Atty. Yoram Sheftel:
Maverick Israeli lawyer Yoram Sheftel says that justice was not served in the Katzav case and that the judges were unable to stand up to media pressure. “There is no evidence to back up the accusations,” Sheftel told Arutz 7.

Cosmic X:
The verdict is in. He may be guilty and he may not be. I do not have faith in the Israeli Judicial System.


Unknown said...

Cosmic, you are correct and even under-state the situation.

I am a secular, atheist leftist who is shocked and outraged at the extent to which the Israeli state judicial, prosecutory, and police apparatus is used by the Israeli secular, leftist, Ashkenazi mafia to persecute Jews who are "from the wrong side of the tracks" -- religious or Likudnik or Mizrahi. Katsav was all three.

The jailed Slonim were innocent, but it did not stop Beinisch from asking the police to investigate MK's who criticised the verdict!

Katsav is innocent, as proved by the recent tape -- but the leftist judiciary has asked the police to investigate not the blackmailing accuser, but the Katsav associates who made the tape!

Sheftel has said, "the State Prosecution is becoming a pillar of the leftist camp. There must be a public reaction for this selection exercised by the Prosecution in putting people on trial for their political views."

This conversion of the Israeli judiciary into agents of a leftist police state, must be stopped. If J-Street can ally with anti-Israeli US leftists to pressure Israel, why cannot US conservative Jews ally with the powerful Christian right to pressure Israel to reform its judiciary and to cease its persecution of religious Jews?

Cosmic X said...


I appreciate your feedback. Like I mentioned I have no faith in the judicial system here.

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