Friday, January 21, 2011

Gideon Levy's Intermarried Messiah Lets Him Down

Gideon Levy is such a crybaby! It looks like he had high hopes for Einat Wilf, the MK who is married to a gentile:
The moaning and groaning about Israeli politicians is always accompanied by a yearning for "young and talented" people who will go into politics. Give us scientists, businessmen, graduates of prestigious universities and high-tech whizzes, and watch how everything will change. Enough of the party hacks, bring on the success stories.

This week one of their prominent representatives participated in the press conference where a fresh ideological movement was announced, and proved that redemption will certainly not come from those quarters. The titles, proven successes and impressive resume won't help. There's no such thing as a successful politician without a clear-cut worldview, honesty and courage.
Einat let poor Gideon down. She did not do the bidding of his employers at Haaretz, that is to say, topple Netanyahu. Waaa!:
MK Dr. Einat Wilf turned out to be nothing more than an ordinary hack. If we once had an MK-electrician from Ashkelon who sold his soul for a Mitsubishi, this time it was the MK and Ph.D. holder, graduate of the Insead business school, who sold her soul to head a minor committee in the Knesset. Between Wilf and Alex Goldfarb there is only one line, the line of opportunism.
You hear that? Gideon Levy accusing somebody of selling his soul! LOL!

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