Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A New Kind of "Jewish Home" (part II)

Last week I wrote about the Jewish Home (HaBayit HaYehudi) party's election of a new chairman. Among other things I mentioned:
The pundits are noting that this is a changing of the guard. The younger generation of religious zionists, full of energy and internet savvy, have taken over the steering wheel. However, more important than the change of personnel is the change of vision. Bennett wants to change the "Jewish Home" from a sectorial party that worries about issues that affect the national religious public to a party with a much broader appeal and scope. Part of that vision is bringing Ayelet Shaked, his secular female cofounder of "My Israel" into the Jewish Home party.
Yesterday the party held primaries to elect the rest of the list for the upcoming elections. The results of the elections further reflect the changing of the guard:
1) Naftali Bennet
2) former MK Nissan Slomianski
3) Ayelet Shaked
4) MK Uri Orbach
5) Avi Wortzman
6) Motti Yogev
7) Yoni Shetbon
8) Shuli Muallem
9) Jeremy Gimpel
10) Rabbi Rachamim Nisimi
This is an absolute revolution, no questions about it! There is a lot of new blood here! I am amazed that Ayelet Shaked, a secular woman, received such a high position on the list. It will be interesting to see how this new and rejuvinated version of the National Religious Party will fare in the upcoming elections.

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