Friday, November 09, 2012

Whose Watchdog are They?: By Moshe Feiglin

I received this in the mail from Manhigut Yehudit.  Moshe Feiglin tells us about an interview that he gave to a young journalist.  You can learn a lot about Israeli journalists from this exchange:
24 Cheshvan, 5773
Nov. 9, '12

Translated from the Makor Rishon newspaper

It is morning and my car glides down the mountains of the Shomron into the smog of greater Tel Aviv. Another crazy day of running for the primaries is about to begin. My cell phone rings. A young, determined voice is on the other end.

"Shalom, this is so and so from the news website, ynet."


"I am writing an article about donations to the candidates in the primaries. I wanted you to confirm a certain fact. "

"Go ahead."

"I see that you received a donation from a woman by the name of Nitzah Kahane."


"Is it true that Nitzah Kahane is the daughter in law of the late Rabbi Kahane?"

Maybe I hadn't yet completely awakened. Perhaps I was suffering from lack of sleep and loads of pressure during the campaign - but that question peeled a thick layer of politically correct right off my psyche.

"Oh," I answered the young reporter. "You probably want to show your readers that women support Feiglin."

"No", the man dryly answered.

"No? Then perhaps you would like to show your readers that a woman donating to Moshe Feiglin's campaign is also an academician whose scientific articles are published in the most prestigious journals in the world. "

"No," the young voice answered.

"Oh," I continued. "Perhaps your scoop is that a woman who is a famous academician, a mother of ten, grandmother of fifteen, who manages to synthesize running a beautiful family, a glorious academic career and is involved in the community and Israeli society in an unprecedented manner donated to Moshe Feiglin?"

"No," the reporter stood his ground.

"And after you hear all of this? Don't you feel just a wee bit loathsome?" I asked with disdain.


"OK," I finished the conversation. "I authorize that Professor Nitzah Kahane is the daughter in law of Rabbi Meir Kahane, may G-d avenge his blood, who was murdered 22 years ago in the US."

"Thank you," said the young voice in a professional tone. "That is all I needed."


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