Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Where's the Coverage?

Yesterday I posted the amazing story of Yael Matzpun, the Israeli mother from Sde Avraham who bravely thwarted a terrorist attack. I mentioned that the story has been completely ignored, as far as I can tell, by foreign media outlets.

Here in Israel, the story was given wide coverage. English reports were available at Arutz 7, Ynetnews and Israel Hayom. Ha'aretz also reported the attack, whitewashing it in their English version.

I am still wondering why this story did not receive more coverage. My theory is that the mainstream media (MSM) is intentionally covering up the story for the following reasons.

1) It shows an Arab violations of the ceasefire, something that Clinton and Obama would like to sweep under the rug. The MSM is only too willing to cooperate.

2) It justifies the IDF's previous policy of preventing Arabs from Gaza from approaching the border fence.

3) It portrays the Arabs as ruthless savages and not as innocent victims, something that totally goes against the agenda of most major news outlets.

What do you think?

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