Thursday, November 15, 2012

"Pillar of Cloud" and What Not

1) Interesting: the Hebrew name for the present military campaign is "Amud Anan" which means "Pillar of Cloud". The IDF Spokesman preferred to translate this into English as "Pillar of Defense". Any guesses why?

2) The Elder of Ziyon is doing a good job documenting the lies of Hamas.

3) The Muqata is live-blogging the war.

4) Aussie Dave points out the bias in the BBC's DNA.

5) I would like to personally thank President Obama for his support, even though he probably does not read this blog.

6) Daled Amos tells us who Ahmed Jaabri really was.

7) Rabbi Pruzansky, who rocked the jblogosphere last week with The Decline and Fall of the American Empire, teaches us a thing or two about the Jewish vote.

8) In addition to its many sins, Hamas is also responsible for a lot of "Bittul Torah". Rabbi Lau is encouraging his students to strenghten our Torah study at this time.

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